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Stout Irish Pub

221 Carlton St
Toronto, ON

(647) 344-7676

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Queen Victoria's Pub & Catering

2240 Midland Ave.
Toronto, ON

(647) 490-2492

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The Irv Gastro Pub

195 Carlton St.
Toronto, ON

(647) 490-2514

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Recent Toronto Pub Blog Post

Five bars to catch a Cougar

Mon, 01/13/2014 - 09:34

Toronto Cougar Bars


Let us declare 2014 the Year of Connections, and seek to see the first one through at one of Toronto’s many watering holes that cater to a certain May-September-oriented crowd. 


Drinking Where the TIFFers Drink

Thu, 08/22/2013 - 10:39

TIFF drinking spots


The feverish and fantastic TIFF film festival that wraps this city in a celluloid embrace every year is almost upon us once more. Given the specialness of a period during which a hundred glittering stars lower themselves from the heavens to temporarily join our mortal orbit, it’s best to make the most of their luminous proximity by seeking them out where they live. Or at least where they drink.


Toronto's Poolside Bars: Take the Plunge

Mon, 06/24/2013 - 08:19

Toronto Pool Bars


It was a drag-on winter and a lame-ass spring, but spectacular summer is finally here and the time is ripe for chillaxing around a concrete-lined, chlorine-kissed hole in the ground with a beverage in hand. If you're not blessed to have a buddy with a backyard pool to sponge off, and you don't favour the urine-filled adventure that awaits at a public facility, take heart: You can still find a particular kind of poolside refuge in this hot city of ours. Here's where:


Pub and Bar Happenings

Juicy Thursdays
$5.00 Martini.Zero coverage fee | Maximum one bottle per table... More
DJ Stew Innis
$5.00 Martinis... More
Best of 80s and 90s Music See you on the dance floor... with drink in han... More
Patio Party!
Every Thursday enjoy our Patio Party with Food and Drink Specials... More
Karaoke Night
Starting 9.30pm... More
Irish Night
Pint of Magners and a shot of Jameson $10.00+... More

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Pub and Bar Specials

Half Price Thursdays
1/2 price on Nachos (6pm to 12am) with a purchase of a beverage.... More

180" Crystal Clear Massive Projection Screen... More

Dine-In ONLY Promotions (Food Only):$5 off when you spend $25 or more before tax $10 off when you spend $40 or more be... More

Chef's Featured Stew - Available All Day... More

Lounging Lunches: Book any event for your office or business, before July 18th 2015, and receive $20 off your gross bill. ... More

TUESDAY TO FRIDAY1/2 Price Appetizers3PM to 6PM On selected items.  Dine-in Only... More

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I have been living in the Beaches area for quite...
2 years 45 weeks ago
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Sat there for 30 minutes and no one even asked us...
2 years 51 weeks ago
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We came into the pearson pub for lunch after we...
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I have been going to mags for years.Its a great...
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